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Between Hymnbook and Textbook - Article by Ryoji Tsurumi on "Elizabeth Hill's anthologies of devotional and moral verse for late charity schools". Canadian Mennonite Encyclopedia Online - Several articles on Anabaptist hymns and hymnals. ~Christian Music - Article by Warren Doud: Historical, Biblical, and thematic review. Church Music Research Tools - (Japanese/English) bibliography; links; articles. Creator Magazine: Articles on Congregational Music - [several articles; Methodist perspective] Encyclopedia.com: Hymn - Brief article; links to fee-per-download resources. Grove Concise Dictionary of Music: Musical Forms: Psalm The Herald Magazine: The Psalms and Sacred Songs - Article on the history of hymns in Christian worship. Hymn Backgrounds - [~40 stories] Hosted by Neil Chadwick, Pastor of Clare Assembly of God Hymn History - [hymnology: 40+ stories] Archives of weekly letter giving the stories behind hymns and carols Hymn Stories - [lyrics; hymnology; Anglican] St. Peter's Church (Nottingham, England) on-line magazine. John: Liturgical Music - Article by Gail Gresser and Felix Just, S.J., on the influence of John on Christian liturgy and liturgical music. The Past Returns to the Present - Article describing archaic British hymn-singing practices that survive in London's West Indian churches. Praise: The Melody of Religion - (paper by A.P.W. Fraser) History of psalm tunes, from the Reformation to the current use of the Free Church of Scotland. Reporter Interactive - Includes 100+ stories and lyrics: no index available, but site search for "History of Hymns". Singing the Lord's Song - A History of the English Language Hymnals of the Reformed Church in America, by James Brumm. [PDF] Singing the Psalms - History of the Psalms in Christian worship. The Story of Our Hymns - Select chapters [Adobe Acrobat Reader format] from book by E.E. Ryden, featuring hymnody in the early church and in Germany; references to "Lutheran Worship". Towards a Better Hymnody - Pamphlet by Frank J. Funston, calling for attention to appropriately selecting and using hymns. Wesleyan Theological Journal - Index of journal by year. Worship Map: Worship - Indexes and links on the use of music and psalms in worship. Yale Divinity Library Exhibit: From Psalm Book to Hymnal - Illustrated article based on museum exhibit of items from the Lowell Mason Collection.

Augusta Chronicle: Martin Luther Credited with Hymns He Didn't Write - Article by Tara Burghart on the "Hymn Tune Index". (August 1, 1998)

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